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150 Liter Planetary Mixer Machine manufacturers In Mumbai Planetary Mixer are used for concentrated for mixing, dispersing, kneading, and decelerating products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coatings, granulation, and alike products of medium to high viscosity. Rotations of the Planetary Blades on their own axis as they travel around the centre of the mixing bowl ensure entire and efficient mixing. The mixers are obtainable in a variety of sizes, with or without self-aligning bowl scrapers, and labour-intensive or hydraulic lifts. Heavy-duty structure allows the manufacture of newer and tougher compound in a trouble-free manner, while also creature very durable and reliable in function. The mixers are manufactured to rigid principles with many features and options obtainable. It can mainly use by Pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

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